Swift Teams

Swoop Swoop Skuuur

Swoop Swoop Skuuur is a Canadian team based out of Montreal, Quebec. The team is made up of six of the best players in the province of Quebec, with all of them winning multiple events across Canada and the U.S with various teams.











The lack of good teams in the area motivated the players (who were almost all retired from playing) to put together a solid roster, with programs (such as clinics, starter events etc) to help local paintball grow back to what it was a few years ago.


Swoop Swoop Skuuur is currently playing regional events and the NXL World Cup for 2019. The team is planning to play a full NXL season in D2 in 2020.

Full Roster:

#13 Jannick "Woo!" Beaudoin 

#13 Anthony "Magic" Chabot

#13 Antoine "Momma!!" Bérubé

#13 Samy "Chef" Benabed

#13 Benjamin "BRRRRRR" Girouard

#13 Julien "Sweesh" Lavoie



Montreal Joy

Montreal Joy is a Canadian team based out of Montreal, Quebec.











The 2019 season is a transition season for the team, as they brought in new players and are trying out new structural changes, in order to be able to attend more events in 2020, and to perform better at each of them.

Full Roster:

Vincent Pilon Morand

Alexandre Pomerleau

Benoit Couture

Simon Deslauriers

Jonathan Dubuc Lecompte

Olivier Fournier

Julien Croteau Pothier



Commando Crew

TBD Jits

The Jits are an American Semi-Pro NXL team based out of Tampa, Florida. The team has an extensive history of winning, getting a podium at most NXL events that they have played in the past season, and going from D4 to Semi-Pro in 3 seasons.











The team's main goal at the moment is to turn Pro by winning the Semi-Pro Series Title within the next 3 years. The Jits want to do this while all staying together as a team, rather than splitting up to each join whatever professional team makes them a good offer.


Full Roster:

#30 Logan Verghese

#8 Zion Vargas

#33 Joel Mendez

#26 Adam Hofmann

#85 Ian Helmer

#04 Connor Browning

#03 Alex Spence

#19 Austin Spencer

#11 Micheal Lindsay

#18 Justin Bedford

#03 Wagner Daghbas

#22 Kyleb Rovira


Ninja Squad