Swift Jersey Models: Which to choose?

Each jersey model has its own specific set of features. Please consult the comparison chart below to find the right jersey model for your team.
We currently offer four jersey models, the Basic, Basic+, Pro and Pro models. 
Our Basic jersey model is our budget friendly option. It's a comfortable, durable jersey, but without all the fluff that makes it expensive. This jersey model is often picked by players and teams that need an affordable practice jersey, or as an event jersey for teams on a budget.
Our Basic+ jersey model is our budget friendly options for teams and players that want a padded jersey. It's essentially the same exact same jersey as our Basic model apart of the chest padding and forearm padding & reinforced fabric.
Our Pro jersey model is what we recommend to any serious team that needs event jerseys. They are comfortable, durable, and designed for competitive paintball teams. Our Pro jersey has forearm reinforcements, advanced gauntlets and multiple mesh panels, making it an optimal event jersey.
Our Pro+ jersey model is our top of the line jersey. It includes most of the features of the Pro model, plus some chest, shoulder and forearm padding, as well as an advanced collar and advanced detailing which give it an outstanding look on and off the field.
All our jerseys are made of 100% polyester and are fully customizable.
Still not sure which jersey model to pick? Message us and we'll help you figure it out!
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