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Semi-Custom Design Catalogue

At Swift Paintball, we understand the importance that style has in paintball. This is why we pride ourselves in our ever-growing catalogue of semi-custom jerseys.

The catalogue launched in 2017 with a system where you picked from designs we made per panel on the jersey, meaning you chose a design for the front, a design for the back, a design for the sides and a design for the sleeves of your jersey. This allowed us to offer a huge number of possible individual designs, but with most of them being pretty average.

After 2 years of using this system, we decided to switch things up and to rethink our whole approach to this.

We are now offering players and teams to choose from full designs (not separated by front/back/sides/sleeves) that are listed in our catalog (See the 'Catalog' section of this website). Once players pick a design, they have the option to customize certain aspects of those designs. The elements that are customizable are listed for each design are listed in each design's description in the catalog.

Our 2019 semi-custom jersey design catalog launched with 31 unique designs, and 31 new designs will be added every so often.


In-house Designers

If you're looking for something more than a semi-custom design, Swift Paintball has a small team of in-house designers ready to help you bring your ideas to reality. 

If you'd like to get some custom design jerseys, tees or tank tops done by our designers, simply message us using the form in the 'Contact Us' tab of this website.