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FreeFlow Pants V1.0

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Some of the lightest padded pants in the game. Apart from the padding, all the fabrics on the FFV1 are ones that are being used on ultra light paintball pants.  Everything on these pants has been designed with comfort, flexibility, breathability and lightness in mind.

Please note that this product is currently open for preorder. Three colours are available during preorder, which are Ninja (All black), Charcoal (Grey with black accents) and Tiger Stripe (Black with Tiger Stripe Accents), but the Charcoal colour scheme will only be available during this period, and will be accessible only to Swift sponsored teams from the moment the pre sales end.


*ULTech: These pants have been designed and built with weight, flexibility and comfort in mind. 
*Removable Crotch Padding: Giving you the option to add a little bit of padding where hits hurt the most.
*FloBreez: The ULV1 have been designed with multiple breathable panels, on top of using ultra-light and ultra breathable materials.
*Dura+: Made for the toughest playing conditions, the fabrics used on the ULV1 have been made to withstand repetitive sliding and diving, even on some of the worse playing surfaces and in the worst weather conditions.