Swift Sponsorship Program

If you’d like to apply for the Swift Sponsorship Program, please email us at sponsorship@swiftpb.com. But first, please make sure you are aware of all the information below:


Sponsorship programs in paintball are usually pretty straight forward. A sponsored team or organization will get a deal on products (in this case custom jerseys, tees, tank tops, as well as soft goods). In exchange, said team or organization agrees to actively promote the brand that gave them the deal. The details of each deal usually vary for each team or organization, but most of the time it involves promoting the products and brand through posts on social media, by using the products in practices and events, and by promoting the brand and products in real life (there again at practices and events) to friends and other teams.



In 2019, Swift Paintball aims at providing a select number of teams the chance to receive highly discounted custom team jerseys, tees and tank tops, as well as providing them with media coverage discounts at National events with our partner brand PineappleProds. We think this is a great opportunity to get your team looking swift (pun intended) at a very reasonable price.



The sponsorship program was split into three packages in order to better suit different budgets and levels of involvement for teams that apply. Please read the table below for more details on each package, what it gets you and what it would cost you in return:

We are currently trying to focus on serious competitive teams playing the national circuit (National XBall League), which is why we are asking from sponsored teams a commitment of at least 2 years to Swift in our packages. 

With that said, we will still take into consideration any teams playing any league or format, in any country, given that we are hoping to reach as many players and paintball enthusiasts as possible around the world. 


Please note that we are also open to developing custom sponsorship packages in collaboration with teams and organization with specific needs that might not be matched by our current packages. If this is the case, please contact us directly using the ‘Contact Us’ tab of this website so that we can figure out a personalized way to help you.


If you’d like to apply for the Swift Sponsorship Program, please email us at sponsorship@swiftpb.com. 


Please note that every team that applies will get an answer back, whether they have been accepted to the Swift Sponsorship Program or not.