Better Partners

Swift Paintball is proud to announce that it has finished establishing its network of partner producers, located across the U.S, Canada and Europe. Despite this bringing more complicated logistics to the table, it allows Swift to take on a much higher number of orders at once. This will serve as a solution to the large amount of teams and players placing orders on or around cutoff days.


For Swift customers, this means a reduced chance of being turned down because we are at full capacity (as we have been much too often lately). It also means that we are now able to offer semi-local production, which means reduced shipping times & costs. U.S orders will be produced in the U.S most of the time, unless our U.S partners are running at full capacity, in which case the order will be relegated to the nearest available partner. 


Semi-local production is a great advantage for our customers, but it also helps the planet tremendously! The less your products need to travel to get to you, the less pollution they are responsible for!